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[Mod Post] Update: 01/08/2011

Hello again everyone! Let me say, one more time, that we have had an awesome response! This is so exciting! Right now we're up to 79 members, pretty awesome for our first week of sign-ups, I say.

I'll be going through and manually re-checking every sign-up with the memberships that have been approved later today. Remember, you have to both sign-up and request to join the comm. So double check that you've done both.

All pending memberships up to this point have been approved. So, if you can't see the Ideas/Suggestions Post, that means you haven't requested membership as of yet.

Today (or well, later today) we'll have our first support post and some possible challenges going up later on. I'm still working out the logistics, so we'll see.

And in fun announcements: We're affiliated with [community profile] writethisfanfic - be sure to check them out.

See you all later today!

This will be the last public update for a while. Everything from now on will be members-only.
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Would you also like to affiliate with [community profile] factfinding? I have meant to ask approximately forever.