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Aurora | Andrea ([personal profile] auroraprimavera) wrote in [community profile] inkitout2011-01-01 02:50 am

Mod Changes and 2011 Challenge

Hello everyone *waves*

Well, the comm has officially been handed over to me and just in time for the New Year! I know that things got behind due to the previous mod having RL stuff slowing them down, but I think it's still possible to get this thing rolling.

This post is mostly to know whether there's still interest in the challenge. I'm also open for suggestions, since it'd be my first time running a comm like this.

The way I was thinking of doing things for this year, is using the first month as a sign-up, get our feet wet, and figure out exactly how this is going to be done. I'm also looking for a co-mod or two, as there will be times where I just won't be able to get online or do modly like things.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

ETA: To clear up a bit of confusion - there haven't been any sign-ups at all. That's due to the mod you set up the community having RL things come up, so, they were never done. That's why we'll be having them this month :D

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