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an annual writing challenge and support community

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Name:Ink It Out
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[community profile] inkitout is based on the Livejournal community [community profile] getyourwordsout with a few changes. There is no affiliation between the communities.

The Least You Need To Know

[community profile] inkitout is about getting your words down on paper (or your writing medium of choice). Whether you write original fiction, fan fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, theses, dissertations, or hard-hitting journalism, this community is for you. The aim is to get your ideas out on paper so that you get them out of your head and craft them into work you could (potentially, if you want to) share (publish, post, or present).

[community profile] inkitout is a challenge and support community that runs during the calendar year; sign-ups for 2011 will go from 1—31 January 2011. The challenge officially begins on 1 January 2011 and everyone who signs up will be added to the community as they sign-up.

[community profile] inkitout projects are up to you and customizable to your needs and interests. The minimum word goal for the entire year be at least 75,000 words but there is no upper limit, although we ask that you be realistic (for your specific time and energy constraints). Your words can be comprised of one project or many. During sign-up, please indicate your word goal for 2011 and if you plan to work on one project or multiple projects — and that plan can change. The only hard and fast goal is your word count.

[community profile] inkitout offers a monthly check-in post (last Saturday of the month, put up around Noon EST) for you to let the community know how you are doing with your goal. Ideally, this will be as low-pressure as possible. No one gets kicked out if you don't meet your word goal, but please post and let us know how you are coming along. Radio silence is bad for community.

[community profile] inkitout offers a weekly support post (On Saturdays, put up around Noon EST). If the muse took off for vacation or you can't find the information you need to finish a piece, we're here for you. We're also here for you if you have something amazing going on and want to share it with us. This is the place for chit-chat and getting to know the community. We will also have prompt/challenge posts, word wars, and various other activities to help you with your writing.

[community profile] inkitout is a community and a community is composed of participants. You don't need to be active in every thread, every week, but please sign up in good faith that you plan to participate. We're here to help one another — through the good and the bad! We're here for all written mediums (or mixed media that includes writing), all genres, all themes, all ratings, all topics.

[community profile] inkitout aims to be a safer and more accessible community. We ask that you do not "hard code" or "code inline" [code specific fonts or sizes] any of your posts or comments and please warn for potentially triggering material. Posts and comments that use "hard code" will be deleted.

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